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Stage Mommy: Yes, I am!


I'm overjoyed. I wish I can give justice to my explanations, but I am afraid that mere words may not be enough to express how I felt and truly feel of our experience yesterday.

I know I may sound a lil bit like one of thouse pageant mom's you see on TV, but I swear that's not the case wih me.

I always knew that my kids are talented and beautiful from day 1 but I am not one of those moms that would push their kids to stardom in a wrong way. I don't who is wrong or right the moher who push their kids or the mother that lets them enjoy childhood and slowly guide them to the path they want to take.

My eldest is 11, son is 5, and my youngest is 2. And yesterday, we all started a new journey together. Went to meet with this talent agent that my neighbor refer to me and started showing off my kids, Lol!

The meeting went pretty well, they gave us the packet of what the company has to offer, what they do, etc... (NCK Talent Agency)

But the most exciting part happened late that afternoon when we had to go back and the kids did some screening.

They had to do a short commercial. The guy who did the screening had a great, amazing energy. He was bubbly and kind so the kids didn't had the chance to get nervous. Jazzle did it first, she was amazing. I WOULD get nervous, And I am pretty sure she was too. But she did an amazing  job how she carried herself with pure poise and confidence.  My heart was beating like crazy. I had to calm and entertain Zyon and also try to coach him a little what, and how he should do it...

Dad missed a lil bit of Jazz's screening/audition. He was trying to entertain little miss Raine outside. But he made it in time to see "ate" do her short runway walk. Hee hee.

She is so beautiful. All 3 of my kids are beautiful, they make me so darn proud.

ZY MAN'S TURN... I remember he asked me he needed to go bathroom before his turn. Hee hee. I told him he's just nervous...

He assisted him and sat him down in this black swivel chair. I could feel how nervous he is, I gave him my "mama squeeze" he knows what it means.

Looking at him from across the room while doing this made me realized that Gosh, "my kids are growing up so fast".

NICK (The agent) just asked him few questions and told him that he will be doing the same things that Jazzle did. Different lines though, for a different commercial.

Oh there goes my heart, I think it left the building...

1ST LINE: "I loooooove skippy peanut butter!!!" (Throwing his fist up in the air!)

And so on and so forth...

Zy man's voice was cracking up a bit, I could sense that he is a bit uncomfortable. But Nick is really great with kids. He knows what he's doing. Quickly, Zy man snapped out from his shell and allowed his artistic side to come out! And boy, did he do it! He was soooooo darn cute. With all the hand gestures,  energy and all. He keeps missing one word from the 2nd line the "breakfast" lol! But it's okay. He did an amazing job.

Zy man tends to be very shy, and I was afraid that he would not want to go through  this whole thing. But he soldiered on, and did a wonderful job.

Baby Raine didn't do much. They just had to take some snap shots of her profile.

And I just did the same thing.

Nick just kept  going on and on how beautiful my kids are. They said that we are the perfect "Gap Family"

Too much compliments for one day, lol. I'm surprised my head didn't just pop!

We will find out Monday if my kids made the screening. I gently briefed them that if they don't land the project it doesn't mean that something  is wrong wih them. It just means that the companies are looking for something in particular that we don't possess. I told them that there's more to come...

As a parent, it feels so rewarding to see my own kids sort off follow my own footsteps. I am so darn proud. aaaah *wipes away tears*

I am not going to push them in any way still, as parents we will only be here to guide them and help them reach their dreams...

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