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Sexy Summer Tip 101


Are you like me that I get so irritated seeing women wearing tank tops and their bra straps are just all over the place?! That's such a big no no!!! Calling all fashion police?!! LOL!

So anyways, for a sexy back this summer try this Lingerie Solutions "Three Strap Solutions"

What it is, is just a heart shaped plastic that you use to conceal your bra straps from showing while you wear your T-Back, Sport Tops, or even dresses.

It would just prevent it from peeking and saying hi to everybody that doesn't really care about your straps, lol!

I got mine from Walgreens for $6.94 and it comes in 3 colors Nude, Black, and Clear.

So if you like wearing tank tops, and irritated of those strapless bra that keeps going down, just try this. War yiur favorite any regular bra and clip on your strap solutions, and off you go!!!

Have a sexy back this summer!!!



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