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I am a confident woman. Like it or not.

I am a professional singer. That's what I do for a living. or at least did. But lately, if you're noticing a lot of self portraits, that is because I am updating my Website and my Online Portfolio.

I am so disappointed that a lot of people that I know are naturally jealous. It just gets into my nerve and I dislike it so much that it even hurts my heart. It hurts physically.

This is what I do people. Looking good is part of my investment.
I have to stay looking decent, on stage and even not.
I love looking great, I love looking at myself in the mirror and feel good about myself. 
And if you HATE it? Block me, or ignore my posts, mute me.
Stop looking at my page!
Stop looking at my photos!!!
For Pete's Sake!
You are making me sick!
Stop being such a hater, and stop faking it.
Don't try to be my friend when I know you're really not.
Just leave me alone.

So anyways, enough of my whining.
Sorry about that, I just had to let go of some of it.
I feel better now, Thank you.

So, what's new?
Great news.
On Thursday I have a meeting with a casting director from a talent agency in Fayetteville, AR. We are gonna go through some screening process.  Myself, and my kids.
This is so exciting...
Tomorrow we will go shopping for something decent to wear.
I know what you think, please don't say it. Haha.
I know we have stuff here. But hey, this is exciting.
Shopping for our outfits is part of the fun...
Hee hee...

I will definitely update all of you.
So make sure you are subscribed to my email updates
so you wont miss a post!
Love you guys! And thank you so much for your endless love and support!!!

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