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Payson "JUST FABULOUS" Indeed.

Look what I got in the mail today?

Yay!!!! My shoes that I ordered from Just Fabulous... and it is absolutely fabulous!!!

I am in love. The shoes were true to size. I was a bit skeptical at first because this is my first time to buy shoes online. But luck was on my side because I am just very very happy with my purchase.
I got a 10% discount because it's my 1st order. I also Went ahead and got a VIP member. It's a monthly membership/pass for a greater discount for $39.95, ALthough  you are not obligated to make a purchase every month, you have the option to cancel anytime or just simply skip the month.
Here's more great news to share, with every dollar you spend, that is equivalent to (1) one point. You get goodies for as low as 100 points. But to get free shoes, you have to have 800 points. I personally think that they should adjust that. I have to spend $800 before I could get a $39.95 shoes? Hmmmmm... not a big fan of their scoring/point system though. But I still love the company.

But here's more way to get a goodie. You can also invite friends to join and if you get 2 friends to order, you can finally get a FREE shoes. yay!!!!!
So just incase you want to be really really nice to me, and at the same time wanna own fab shoes. Here's my invite link just click on it, look around and maybe you'll see something you'll love.

Let me know what you think of their shoes, I have one request though, I wish that they would sell more 6 inches like this one that I got! That's all! But overall it was a great experience, Great purchase, great quality shoes, FAST SHIPPING, and FAB FAB FAB PAYSON!!!

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