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China Glaze's Electric Pineapple: For Fun Summer Nails


Did I say Neon???? Yes... fun fun fun!!!

Oh and we are now officially part of a community, lol! We got library cards this afternoon and got us some books. So exciting... I am looking forward to reading to my kids every night before bedtime. ZY got some dinosaur books and Jazz got some fun pre-teen fun novels.

We will be busy this summer! Yay!

What are your plans this summer? How are you gonna keep your kids busy? Any special ideas other than pools and parks?


Lhey ♥

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2 comments on "China Glaze's Electric Pineapple: For Fun Summer Nails"
  1. LOVED 'The Undomestic Goddess' as I could relate back when I was studying Law! Her books are always a giggle!

    By the way I am loving your blog layout, definitely suits you - soft and gorgeous.

    When I was a child I used to love library trips with Mummy, there was something about entering such a quiet world filled with "friends waiting to be befriended" while scurrying over to Mummy with a new book I was excited about reading. Those times I now realize were her chances to escape, to have some quiet time and enjoy books and the possibilities you can absorb yourself in that the real world wouldn't offer...

    And I just totally went off there! Too much of a dreamer.

    This summer (winter for Australians but I love to still call it summer) I plan on litter training my baby! Haha, my only babies are three fish and a bunny but they are a full-time job none the less.


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