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WHAT AN INTERESTING EVENING I HAD. Haha!!! That's all I can say!

All I can say is that my "diva" room that is somewhat in the making will have more value than I thought.

My artist side has to pour it's creative juices somewhere. And I have a feeling that i'll be spending lots and lots of time down there.

We are getting ready for our trip to LA, by land. Yep, Roadtrip baby!!!! We are excited and not at the same time. We will make it a 2 day drive.
Gosh it will be a heck of a trip! Haha!

I will be busy in the next few days. So I will try my best to post my review about the NYX Crimson Amulet Palette tom. Please watch out for that!


Lhey ♥

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Chasing Pavements Cover


Hope you guys enjoyed that one!!!
Till Next Time!!!


Payson "JUST FABULOUS" Indeed.

Look what I got in the mail today?

Yay!!!! My shoes that I ordered from Just Fabulous... and it is absolutely fabulous!!!

I am in love. The shoes were true to size. I was a bit skeptical at first because this is my first time to buy shoes online. But luck was on my side because I am just very very happy with my purchase.
I got a 10% discount because it's my 1st order. I also Went ahead and got a VIP member. It's a monthly membership/pass for a greater discount for $39.95, ALthough  you are not obligated to make a purchase every month, you have the option to cancel anytime or just simply skip the month.
Here's more great news to share, with every dollar you spend, that is equivalent to (1) one point. You get goodies for as low as 100 points. But to get free shoes, you have to have 800 points. I personally think that they should adjust that. I have to spend $800 before I could get a $39.95 shoes? Hmmmmm... not a big fan of their scoring/point system though. But I still love the company.

But here's more way to get a goodie. You can also invite friends to join and if you get 2 friends to order, you can finally get a FREE shoes. yay!!!!!
So just incase you want to be really really nice to me, and at the same time wanna own fab shoes. Here's my invite link just click on it, look around and maybe you'll see something you'll love.

Let me know what you think of their shoes, I have one request though, I wish that they would sell more 6 inches like this one that I got! That's all! But overall it was a great experience, Great purchase, great quality shoes, FAST SHIPPING, and FAB FAB FAB PAYSON!!!

Essie Sweet Talker "Gotta love 'em baby blues!"


You love The Blues? Not feeling blues okay? Just blue nails. THEN you will love this shade from Essie.

It's the perfect baby blue color. It has a bit of shimmer of light pink and dusts of golds. It's a pretty color for summer. BRIGHT and FUN.

Lhey ♥

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May I serenade you?


Another Beautiful Song this time from ADELE...

Hope you liked it!!!
I enjoyed recording those songs, And I am really looking forward doing more, YAY!

Any Song Requests?


Closet Storage Before and After


MONDAY is cleaning day for me. But today is different, I did more than usual. Now that we are not moving, I am in the process of organizing our home. I started in our closet, I took all our clothes out, Took winter clothes down to the basement,  picked up my fave shoes and placed everything else down in my "diva" room (in the making still)

I don't like cleaning. But I love organizing my shoes, make up, and clothes. Eventhough I got overwhelmed in the beginning, but it was over all a successful day. A completed project.

I feel good. *Cheers* for a productive Monday.

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Free Perk from Klout


Got my free Moo Business Cards today. Yay!!!! A perk from Klout!
Got 50pcs. For free and I  only paid for the shipping which was only $4.99
Great quality cards. I love how you can choose as many designs as you want. 50Pcs can have different designs if you want. Isn't that cool? Awesome actually. I love it!!!!
Everything worked out perfectly, because I needed new ones already.
Do you use Klout? Have you gotten any perks? Anything interesting?
Thank you Klout and Thank you Moo!!!

lhey ♥

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Define "Father"

Being a father is not all about having the ability to produce a sperm to create a child. 

It's the ability to ACCEPT SUCH TASKS OF RESPONSIBILITIES and to possess a loving heart. The very moment I saw the sparkle in your eyes when you met little Zy. I knew right then and there, YOU are the FATHER that any mother would want their children to have. 

Your Patience and kindness is remarkable. Your virtue and honor will be embarked onto our kids and their children's children. Your laughter and fun soul completes our children's childhood.

Thank you My Love. Thank you for loving us with all your heart...

Thank you for being the best partner any mom could ever want. The sleepless nights, the crying, the fights between brother and sister. The tantrums, the "whatever's" the stomping, door slamming, the facial expressions, the continuous "Dad, May I have?" THANK YOU.

For always putting the kids and I above all else in this world. For being your best at all times. For giving our kids the love of a father that mostly at times unfathomable to other people. You are special and the love you give them is even more special. And we hope that we give you a love back that you deserve every single moment we can. 

Thanks for all your love and support, You never get tired. Your patience is such an inspiration. You keep me strong. You make me a better person every day. 

I appreciate you dad! Our kids love you far beyond any words could express.
You deserve nothing but the best, and only the best....

I am honored to be the mother of your children...
Thank you for making me your wife.
I love you!


Forever 21 Sailor Shirts






I love my sailor shirts I got from F21 the other day. YAY!
I got 2 colors. Blue and Red. It retails for $5.99 each. Beat that! Huh! Hehe. I love the fit on me, it's not to  loose but it's not squeezing me also. I love how it lays on my skin. I feel like my body can breathe much better. If that makes any sense to you, lol!

ON THE OTHER HAND... Let's talk about my VS jammies. The tank top fits me perfectly, but my pants? yay my pants... it sweeps our whole house. It gathers lots of dust bunnies. Yay! I bought a size small and it's still so stinkin' loooong. I am 5 "2" a very cute size, but I find it so hard to find perfect jammies and pants that would fit my height perfectly. Sigh...

How's your weekend so far? Hope you're having a blast!!! Talk to y'all tom!!!


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My Favorite MAC Pink Lipsticks (SWATCHES)

I've noticed myself using a lot of pink shades lately. Although I consider myself more into the "nudes" i've been using bolder shades lately. So today, I want to share with all of you my favorite pink MAC lipsticks. Without further ado... I present to you, SNOB, PINK NOUVEAU, & GIRL ABOUT TOWN.

Snob is a very light pink. Pink Nouveau is the Perfect middle and Girl About Town is the Hottest Pink evah... LOL!!!


SO which one is your favorite?


China Glaze's Papaya Punch Tangerine Trend Continues


I love this color. It's a bright orange color and so perfect for summer...

Went shop with my mom and kids this evening. She bought a lot from Victoria's Secret and she got me some jammies hee hee. Then went to MAC and got me some green gel cleanser.
I will write a review about it after a week, so watch out for that if you are as curious as I am hehe.

Tommorow I will post some swatches of my favorite MAC pink lipsticks. I am excited to share that one to all of you.

So I guess that's all for now. Talk to you again tom!!!

lhey ♥

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Pink Bombshell Make Up Look: MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick

Here's a simple Ombre Look I created 
Using MAC's Wonderwoman Palette.
It's sexy and sultry.
You can wear this day or night.

Hubs, just got me a new lipstick, the MAC Pink Nouveau this morning. 
Isn't he the sweetest? He also got me the MAC Pro eye make up remover 
YEY!!! Love my Jason so much.

So anyways, Here's the Final Look, 
Lemme know what you think in the comments below!!!

Products I used:

MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC30
MAC Studio Fix Foundation NC40
MAC Studio Fix Powder with Foundation NC42 & NC30

Dolly Mix

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Wonderwoman Palette Defiance, And Paradise Island
Highlighter Eyeshadow: MAC Nylon
Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion
MAC Eye Kohl - (White Liner) Fascinating

MAC Pink Nouveau


Booty Call


Are you ready to rock your skimpt short shorts and bikinis?

It's a no brainer that the biggest butt bummer is cellulite. And i've read that it affects 90% of women, even naturally thin ones.

Picked up som tips from COSMO that I believe is worh sharing with all of you.

THE BEST NONSURGICAL FIX: body lotions that, when used daily, thicken skin's collagen levels (like Nivea Skin Firming Moisturizing with Q10 and HYDRAIQ, $10)

"COLLAGEN KEEPS SKIN PLUMP-the more you have, the less you'll notice fat bulges"


Here's another tip from Cosmo

Smooth Face Primer onto the area: it will in the divots (like it does your pores) creating a smooth sexy surface.

So? Whatchatink?

Have you tried any of these tricks/tips? I know I haven't. But now that I do, I will definitely be trying a few!

Have a sexy summer!!!

lhey ♥

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Manny Pacquiao Lost


I am devastated right now. Decisions are BS. Waaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

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Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale


It ends Monday, waaaaaaaaah!!!

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New Winner Announced!

I am very disappointed to say that there has been a mishap with this giveaway. The 1st winner is from the Philippines and sadly this giveaway is not open internationally. Right away, when I learned about it I went ahead and chose another lucky winner... Email sent and here's the lucky one....

Thank you so much to all of you who participated.
Watch out for my next giveaway that will also be open for my international readers...
A lot of great goodies on this one!!!!
So make sure you're subscribed to my newsletter so you won't miss this chance!!!

Congratulations Sarah!!!


Announcement: Winner of my giveaway!!!!


Stage Mommy: Yes, I am!


I'm overjoyed. I wish I can give justice to my explanations, but I am afraid that mere words may not be enough to express how I felt and truly feel of our experience yesterday.

I know I may sound a lil bit like one of thouse pageant mom's you see on TV, but I swear that's not the case wih me.

I always knew that my kids are talented and beautiful from day 1 but I am not one of those moms that would push their kids to stardom in a wrong way. I don't who is wrong or right the moher who push their kids or the mother that lets them enjoy childhood and slowly guide them to the path they want to take.

My eldest is 11, son is 5, and my youngest is 2. And yesterday, we all started a new journey together. Went to meet with this talent agent that my neighbor refer to me and started showing off my kids, Lol!

The meeting went pretty well, they gave us the packet of what the company has to offer, what they do, etc... (NCK Talent Agency)

But the most exciting part happened late that afternoon when we had to go back and the kids did some screening.

They had to do a short commercial. The guy who did the screening had a great, amazing energy. He was bubbly and kind so the kids didn't had the chance to get nervous. Jazzle did it first, she was amazing. I WOULD get nervous, And I am pretty sure she was too. But she did an amazing  job how she carried herself with pure poise and confidence.  My heart was beating like crazy. I had to calm and entertain Zyon and also try to coach him a little what, and how he should do it...

Dad missed a lil bit of Jazz's screening/audition. He was trying to entertain little miss Raine outside. But he made it in time to see "ate" do her short runway walk. Hee hee.

She is so beautiful. All 3 of my kids are beautiful, they make me so darn proud.

ZY MAN'S TURN... I remember he asked me he needed to go bathroom before his turn. Hee hee. I told him he's just nervous...

He assisted him and sat him down in this black swivel chair. I could feel how nervous he is, I gave him my "mama squeeze" he knows what it means.

Looking at him from across the room while doing this made me realized that Gosh, "my kids are growing up so fast".

NICK (The agent) just asked him few questions and told him that he will be doing the same things that Jazzle did. Different lines though, for a different commercial.

Oh there goes my heart, I think it left the building...

1ST LINE: "I loooooove skippy peanut butter!!!" (Throwing his fist up in the air!)

And so on and so forth...

Zy man's voice was cracking up a bit, I could sense that he is a bit uncomfortable. But Nick is really great with kids. He knows what he's doing. Quickly, Zy man snapped out from his shell and allowed his artistic side to come out! And boy, did he do it! He was soooooo darn cute. With all the hand gestures,  energy and all. He keeps missing one word from the 2nd line the "breakfast" lol! But it's okay. He did an amazing job.

Zy man tends to be very shy, and I was afraid that he would not want to go through  this whole thing. But he soldiered on, and did a wonderful job.

Baby Raine didn't do much. They just had to take some snap shots of her profile.

And I just did the same thing.

Nick just kept  going on and on how beautiful my kids are. They said that we are the perfect "Gap Family"

Too much compliments for one day, lol. I'm surprised my head didn't just pop!

We will find out Monday if my kids made the screening. I gently briefed them that if they don't land the project it doesn't mean that something  is wrong wih them. It just means that the companies are looking for something in particular that we don't possess. I told them that there's more to come...

As a parent, it feels so rewarding to see my own kids sort off follow my own footsteps. I am so darn proud. aaaah *wipes away tears*

I am not going to push them in any way still, as parents we will only be here to guide them and help them reach their dreams...

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