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What made you smile today?


I did a blog hop today using the Flipboard app on my iPad.
I didn't realize that i'm following so many bloggers with a wide variety of categories as well.
From SAHM's, Students, Photographers, Musicians, Models, Fashionistas, Geeks, 
And Of Course Beauty Bloggers.
Then I noticed one thing. 
Wow! We are all living in a very superficial world.
And please take note that I am not excluding myself from that comment.

I read this one particular post that really touched my heart. A mommy that lost her son, 3 months ago.
He should be turning 3 a day after mother's day. Isn't that awful?

Outside of our busy world of business, shopping, school, lust, stress, sometimes we forget that there are mothers out there that lost a child, pr trying to have a child, and is just completely miserable.

It really made me pause and think.

Here I am so busy trying to decide what should be my next online purchase, what I want for Mothers day.
And there's that mom seeking comfort from strangers. Reaching out. 

Made me realize how thankful I am for my life.
I hope somehow, this post would make you pause and think as well.

Value and Appreciate What matters most to you. 

And I hope to never forget this... Not one Second. And I hope that you won't too.

4 comments on "What made you smile today?"
  1. i'm thankful for my mother too! without her, i don't know where i'll be right now. that's why i make sure to take the time everyday to thank God for all the blessings he gives me.


  2. @Carrie Bless your heart doll. . .

  3. So true, sis... we should show our loved ones how much we care. While we still can. I am following the food blog of a lady who lost his husband of a heart attack. So sudden and unexpected. It made me value my husband and realize how much of a gem he is.

    1. Amen Sis! We tend to forget sometimes. But as long as our heart is in the right spot. We're perfect.


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