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I miss "Home"


When we are away from home, I love looking at pictures that would remind me of it. I have it on my phone wherever we go...

But this trip, I've learned a lot of valuable lessons. Especially when there's a lot of options floating around in the air for us. Out of state, and even out of the country. I realized one thing....

Home is where my family is.
Every time i'm with them, no matter where we are, I am HOME.

HOME is not how big the square footage of a place is, it's not the number of rooms inside it, and it's definitely not the design.

What matters most are the people that makes any place a HOME. It's the laughter that lingers and echoes in every room. It's those special talks, the loving caresses, kisses, and cuddles. It's the exchanges of nods that means something extravagant. It's all the I LOVE YOU's... It's my family... They are my home...

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