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There are days where I just walk around my closet and start picking up clothes 
that I want to put on. just because.

DO you have those days? I wish i'm not alone, haha!

I know I said I will post pictures of my have nude lipsticks. 
But I decided to do a separate post on that coz I gotta take better pictures than the ones I took yesterday.

AS I promised, Here is a sneak peek for my give away that is coming very soon.

Have a great week loves!

SNOB? YES, from M.A.C


SNOB from M.A.C is my most favorite nude/pale pink lipstick for all time.

I also got my nails did. Purple and pale yellow. So cute for Spring.

I did a special photoshoot this afternoon and also did some swatches of my most favorite nude lipsticks. SO please do watch out for it tom.

How's your weekend so far?! I hope you are all doing great. And I really want to thank YOU for your loyal support and continous love by supporting me and this lil cute blog of mine. AND I shall show my appreciation by hosting a give away very very soon. I will also be posting some sneak peek photos of some of the  special items tom. I am so excited. This will be fun!!!

Goodnight! And Love to all! ♥


Steve Madden: Shoe Porn Kinda Day

Are you ready to drool??? I NEED these shoes in my life. All of these are by Steve Madden and I absolutely adore every single one of 'em.
CALLING CALLING all good samaritans out there?! Wanna see me model any of these?! Send some my way, LOL!!!

Snake Attitude?

This morning Jason found a snake skin in our deck.

 Sometimes a snake reminds me of some people I know. Are you familar of that term? Of the snake attitude?
(I guess it's just a FILIPINO term.)
 But you know how snakes shed their skin?
Some people I know can change attitude/personality
like how snakes shed their skin. 
I found our little reptile friend in our deck! Eek!

Sadly, I know a lot of people that are so fake. And with my personality,  I really don't like to play around. So once I feel that you are sort of a... drama queen?
You'll never hear from me again. Bye! Adios! Tata!
But if you are genuine, and I know that your heart is in the right place? I'll be your friend till the end.
You can count on me!

So alright, enough of my blibber blubbers.

I have so many exciting things going on with my blogging life.

I received this beauty product from SIBU Sea Buckthorn

And let me tell you this, i've only been using it for a couple of days. Well To be exact 5. And guess what? 
I'm already seeing results.
And a good one! *doing the roger rabbit dance*
Woot! Woot!
I am not gonna go into details just yet. But please do watch out for my full review on this product. 
I currently have their facial cream, and is eagerly waiting for their facial cleanser in the mail. 

So ladies and gents, if you are always on a hunt for new beauty products like me. This might be the one you are waiting for.
These are big words I am spilling out. But really, so far? 
I am very impressed. Give me one more week of using this Sibu Sea Buckthorn and I shall give you my full review!

Thank you everybody from Sibu Beauty for giving me this opportunity to try such a great product.

Talk tom!

Not nude this time.


Spring Make up look No. 1

Hi dolls. Just thought i'd share my look today. I started my day with a dress, changed up by using hubs fedora hat and my classic white shirt and jeans, then lastly ended up with no hat no dress but a shirt, jeans  and a  pink tiedye scarf.
I played with my make up today. Ended up with a very spring-y look. At first I felt uncomfortable coz it was a little too bold for Arkansas. If I am in Vegas I wouldn't mind a bit. But since i'm living in Bella Vista, AR it made me think for a lil bit. But I decided to stick with my make up and like what I just changed my outfit from glam to chic.
How was your day today? Mine was awesome. Ended up endulging myself with some magnum ice cream. Now my belly is mad at me. Ugh!
Talk tom. LOVE y'all!!! ♥

What made you smile today?


I did a blog hop today using the Flipboard app on my iPad.
I didn't realize that i'm following so many bloggers with a wide variety of categories as well.
From SAHM's, Students, Photographers, Musicians, Models, Fashionistas, Geeks, 
And Of Course Beauty Bloggers.
Then I noticed one thing. 
Wow! We are all living in a very superficial world.
And please take note that I am not excluding myself from that comment.

I read this one particular post that really touched my heart. A mommy that lost her son, 3 months ago.
He should be turning 3 a day after mother's day. Isn't that awful?

Outside of our busy world of business, shopping, school, lust, stress, sometimes we forget that there are mothers out there that lost a child, pr trying to have a child, and is just completely miserable.

It really made me pause and think.

Here I am so busy trying to decide what should be my next online purchase, what I want for Mothers day.
And there's that mom seeking comfort from strangers. Reaching out. 

Made me realize how thankful I am for my life.
I hope somehow, this post would make you pause and think as well.

Value and Appreciate What matters most to you. 

And I hope to never forget this... Not one Second. And I hope that you won't too.

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