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Pig Tails And Hat


I give my all as a mom.
And I sure do hope that i'm doing a decent job being one.

Here are some pictures of my little angels taken today. 
It was decently beautiful again today, weather wise that is.
So my kids and I decided to step outside for a little bit so mommy can snap a few pictures. 

Baby Raine doesn't like anything on her hair. But today she did mommy a sweet favor and didn't pull her pig tails off hehe. Well I can't say she didn't try because she did a number of times. LOL.
She just couldn't wait to take it off just as soon as we walked inside the house.

Well, both Zyon and her used Daddy's hat as a props today.
And I must say that they both looked adorable and dashing.
Don't you thinks so too?

3 comments on "Pig Tails And Hat"
  1. You have such beautiful kids. No wonder you take so many pictures of them. Are you a professional photographer by the way? THose photos are amazing.

  2. I am still in the process of putting together something here. I want to open up a business, and a studio. But i feel like i'm not ready yet.


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