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Julep Maven Box 2

I am so thrilled to share my 2nd Box from Julep today.

When I saw my box, I thought to myself how fancy the box is. It's wrapped in a gold gift wrapper. Looks pretty special!
And as soon as I opened it.

I am indeed a winner! Yey!!!
I got all colors, With a chocolate, a base coat, a cuticle oil, and a top coat spray for my hair!!!! All for $19.99

Isn't that great? Yay!

What a very nice Valentine Present it is! And as y'all know that I am a fan of Julep Vernis the very first time I applied 1 coat of it last month.

What Can I say? I'm so excited!

Want to subscribe? Let me know please so you can use my invite link. If I share it with 2 friends, i'll get a month free, then you can do the same!!!

Thank you!

Stay Happy,

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