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The Best Puppy Face Ever


This face will het whatever she wants. I swear.

What can I say she learned from the best. Yep, from me. I'm guilty.

Haha. She is just the cutest. She knows where my soft spot is. Honestly, when it comes to all of my kids? My soft spot is all over my body.

Went to the park today...

It was such a beautiful day. I'm glad we did though, coz the kids have so much fun.

Even daddy had so much fun.

How was your day today?

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3 comments on "The Best Puppy Face Ever"
  1. ayyyy :) that was so cute!! hehe :) am sure she cant get anything she wants!!! hehehe I, myself can't resist on that cuteness as well. Pano pa ikaw Mommy Lhey :)

    >> am doin great, as well. Blog hopping Thursday :)

  2. So cute and expression nang anak mo... Take care..


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