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When i'm second, and everything's all about them...

Bangs Bangs Bangs

Whatchatink of my new do?

Pig Tails And Hat


I give my all as a mom.
And I sure do hope that i'm doing a decent job being one.

Here are some pictures of my little angels taken today. 
It was decently beautiful again today, weather wise that is.
So my kids and I decided to step outside for a little bit so mommy can snap a few pictures. 

Baby Raine doesn't like anything on her hair. But today she did mommy a sweet favor and didn't pull her pig tails off hehe. Well I can't say she didn't try because she did a number of times. LOL.
She just couldn't wait to take it off just as soon as we walked inside the house.

Well, both Zyon and her used Daddy's hat as a props today.
And I must say that they both looked adorable and dashing.
Don't you thinks so too?

The Best Puppy Face Ever


This face will het whatever she wants. I swear.

What can I say she learned from the best. Yep, from me. I'm guilty.

Haha. She is just the cutest. She knows where my soft spot is. Honestly, when it comes to all of my kids? My soft spot is all over my body.

Went to the park today...

It was such a beautiful day. I'm glad we did though, coz the kids have so much fun.

Even daddy had so much fun.

How was your day today?

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Kate Spade MacBook Air Case


Two words: Love it!!!! ☺

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Test Photo shoot Today


Did a trial photo shoot today.
SO here are some of the final products that I wanna share with all of you!
Let me know what you think... XO!

No Make Up Look


Here is a very quick video on how I do my No Make Up Look.
Hope you guys would like it!!!

Here are some pictures of my NO MAKE UP LOOK

Whatchatink? Are you like me? I have to put make up on even just at home.
I like staying pretty, I like feeling good. You don't have to look like you're wearing a lot of make up. 
Even in Beauty, Less is more!

What a great valentine indeed!

My husband is the most unromantic romantic person I know. But wow, may I say that he did a heck of good job this year.

He sent me a happy valentine picture message first thing in the morning which is so not him. A picture with a puckered lips? Saying mwah?! Soooooo sweet!!!!

It's the best part of my valentine.

Brief history/scenario:
Days before valentine i've been looking around for a gift for myself already, haha. I was instructed to Not get a gift for him, so what do I do? Look for the perfect gift for myself then, lol.

So I ordered myself a simple tote from Macy's. It's a nine west tote. I fell in love with the size, material (quilted) and color (gunmetal) it should arrive in the mail pretty soon. Also got me a kate spade quilted case for my macbook air and an incase case (ordered from the apple store)

So those were my gift to myself, hehe.

Valentine's day came... After the picture message, my romeo came home with flowers. Aaaaaaah, he is truly just the best... It's so perfect already.

But that's not all I got? After picking up my daughter from school, he came home with more goodies... Naked 2 for mommy!!! Yey!!! And Victoria's secret... I'm a happy mommy... New bra new nighties, make up, flower, a "mwah" picture? What more can I ask for???

Oh, almost forgot about our dinner. We went to Legacy Blues Bar in Fayetteville, it's like 45min away from where we live. The dinner just completed such a wonderful valentine for me. I felt like a princess... So beautiful, so special, and so loved. I am truly blessed.

My husband is truly the best. He is the best friend that anyone could ever have,

This valentine's day? He... He... He made me feel like a natural woman, lol!!!

Hope y'all had a great valentine!!!

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