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Snow and Songs

Ugh!!! I am so frustrated. I feel like, I don't know how to sing anymore. I mean I know how to sing, but I don't know how to sing WELL anymore, waaaaaaaaaah!!! It's just not right. I am sad.

But it's snowing!!! Yey!!! Made me happy again, LOL!!!

Kids kept me busy today. We had so much fun... Although studying new songs is just too overwhelming.

If you're wondering why in the world am I trying to learn new songs? It's because i'm working on few projects. First is that we're putting together a band, then the next is still quite unclear so I feel like I shouldn't spill anything out yet. But as soon as I find out more, trust me, you'll be the first to know. How's your day? Hope you're well and staying healthy!

Till next time.

1 comment on "Snow and Songs"
  1. You are certainly a busy mommy. It's nice to have projects to keep you going though.

    Burrrrrr! Looks cold outside.


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