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It's a donut thing


I've also been awarded as versatile blogger by BEAUTY MAKEUP ADDICT Please check out her blog. I just recently stumbled upon her blog, and I am so glad I did! Thank you for the shout out girl!

7 Random Facts About Me that you might not know yet:

  1. I don't workout.
  2. I was a big tomboy when I was young.
  3. I'm scared of heights.
  4. I love anything with Minty/Eucalyptus scent.
  5. I drink coffee all day long.
  6. I struggle with not picking my face when I have a pimple.
  7. I daydream all the time.

I know, I'm supposed to pick 15 other bloggers. But lemme just please ask you to check MY BLOG LOVE under my tab page and check out other bloggers that I love.

It's almost the weekend. Any big plans?
Stay happy!

1 comment on "It's a donut thing"
  1. This is awesome! I also drink coffee all day long lol. I follow the Beauty Makeup Addict blog as well and just Love it!


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