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Happy Monday!

Hi Guys! How was your long weekend? I hope that y'all had a restful but fun 3 day weekend.
Tonight Hubs and I had a date night, We went to a mexican restaurant called Maria's.
It's been a while since we went out on a date. We are so attached to our kids so much that it's very hard to leave them even for a little bit. 
I bought the cute little top from Charlotte Rousse for $5 on Clearance.
I love bright colors. I don't really follow fashion trends a lot, So i'm not even sure if bright colors are fashion-appropriate this time of year. But the heck? For $5? I say forget fashion trends, LOL.

I wore a nude pump to keep things simple.

Here's Jason going over the menu.
He takes his time choosing especially when it's our first time in a new restaurant.

We actually both agreed that this place has the best chips and salsa ever.
So anyhow, he chose Chorizo Fajitas and I ordered me some Fried Tilapia.

And this is what it looked like after some serious chowing. 

Ha-Ha-Ha!!! It was sooooooo yummy!!!

Last stop was Ulta, I got me some Vanity Mirror. I've been wanting one for some time now.
And I just can't wait for my little diva room anymore. I had to get one already.
Purchased one from ULTA for $49.99 w/o tax.

Here is my little corner in our bedroom while my diva room is in the building process.

I keep the essentials out. Favorite shade of nail polish, Foundation, Brushes, Etc.

I bought this cosmetic organizer from Target for $15 something I think.
It's made by Caboodles. I really like it, and thinking of getting one more.

I keep the rest of my goodies inside my train case.

So, I also bought this make up remover from E.L.F for $3 at Target
I like the softness of the cloth, I like how my skin feels moisturized and not greasy after cleaning.
The scent reminds me of M.A.C make up wipe remover. It has that aloe fresh smell.
I love that I don't smell any strong alcohol or even floral scent.
It's very gentle on my eyes, but tough on removing any product. 
Even waterproof mascara. Removing mine was a breeze.
1 cloth was more than enough for my whole face and neck.

$3 for 20 pre-moistened cloths. I say it's pretty good! 
After using it for almost a week now.
My Rating: 4★ out of 5

Good bye all yucky product!

I am also excited for JULEP boxes and MyGlam Boxes that should be coming in the mail anytime soon.
If you want an invite for Julep, please let me know!
Stay Healthy And Beautiful! Inside and Out!

7 comments on "Happy Monday!"
  1. Looking sexy for date night. Very cute outfit. Hubs is a lucky man.

  2. You're gorgeous! thanks so much for dropping by my blog <3

  3. i love your make-up! btw, how can i follow your blog?

  4. Thanks for following. I'm definitely following back :) Love the top by the way and your skin is flawless!! xoxo

  5. $5 for a shirt is a great steal! Oh, and I was impressed that the restaurant served the fried tilapia whole - with head and all! Hindi ba natakot si Jason? ;-)

  6. stumbled across your blog... you're such a hot mama!! :)

    vonnie <3


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