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I told myself I am gonna wait until tomorrow to post a blog about my daughter's birthday. But I just couldn't help it because I have too many thoughts in my head that I really want to put down into writing, or in this case type in.

11 years ago, I was 18 years old. Scared? Maybe. Excited? Thrilled! Happy? Ecstatic! I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Right then and there, I knew life will never be the same again... There will never be another dull moment, I'll never have to be alone and lonely ever again. And from then on, I knew I will always have a best friend-forever.

From a baby girl to a young lady. How did that happen? Where did time go?it always seem like it was just yesterday when the only word she knows was "mama" and now she's a very beautiful, kind, young lady. I love her so much.

We may battle at times, Hey, We're talking about some raging hormones here... Her and I. But at the end of the day. We know that we can count on each other, and that we have each other, no matter what. Love is 100% present, even with hormones in action, or not.

I thank God for them every single day. I pray to the Lord to make me live longer so that I will be able to take care of them and love them for a very very long time. They MAKE me. They are ME. Without my Family, I am completely NOTHING.

I apologize for being so emotional, but I am just so grateful that I was chosen to be the mother of these 3 little angels in front of me.

Jazzle, I love you sweetheart. Happy Happy 11th birthday. You make me proud everyday. And thank you for giving me the strength and inspiration to be a better ME every single morning that I open my eyes. New day, New chances, New beginning.

Every day with you guys is a sweet life. We are blessed!
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  1. Your little daughter is just beautiful. She's on her way to a lovely, young lady.

    They do grow up so fast. I get emotional too about my little, so it's all good.

    But I am sure you two will have many wonderful memories together.

    Girlie Blog


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