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Big Girls Don't Cry

She went potty in her chair the first time the other day.
I am a proud Mommy!

Although it's a great milestone, we are still not in a hurry for her to grow up. We believe that she will do it when she's ready. No rush on our side. We want her to take her time.

Whatcha been up to lately?

New Purse & Case

I got a new Anne Klein Purse...
And another Hello Kitty Case. Love it!

MyGlam January Bag


Here are some Up close Photos

Feels so good

After a very long time, I finally held a microphone again. It's been a while. It feels soooo good.

Details are coming up soon. When i'm certain with everything already.

Julep Maven American Beauty January Box

Let me tell you this, I am very picky with the products that I use.
Nope, don't get me wrong. It doesn't have to come with a pricey tag, it has to be a great quality. I don't buy things just so I can look like I have lots of stuff. Thank you, but No thank you.
I may not have a lot of stuff. But I have a few. And a few that I really like and appreciate.

To cut my blibber-blabbers in short. I subscribed to Julep Maven. 

What is a JULEP MAVEN? 

For just $19.99 a month, you'll receive over $40 worth of trendsetting polish colors and cutting-edge treatment products each month customized in a gift-able Sneak Peek Box
Each Sneak Peek Box features new, never before released colors and treatments FIRST to you, before anyone else
Your box also includes hits and cult favorites - the products we like to keep on the top of editors' minds

20% off all purchases
FREE shipping on ALL your purchases
Each box also comes with a surprise and delight element- something to look forward to!
Receive additional membership perks throughout the year

If that sounds fun to you. Click here and take the quiz.

I got my first box in the mail today, which by the way I got for only 1 Cent. Yep, you read that right. I only paid 1 Cent for my first box because they were running a promo last month, maybe it's still on going I am not certain. But just in case you want to try it, after selecting the box you want, 
just type in promo code "NEWYEAR2012" or "COLOR2012" and VOILA! You'll get your first box for 1cent. Crazy isn't it?
And I know you're probably wondering if you can cancel after your first box, the answer is YES you may cancel anytime if you are not happy.

So? AM I happy? YES! I AM!
I love it.

 Took the quiz and they Chose American Beauty for me.
I decided to stay with the box that they chose for me, and i'm happy I did. Because I love this 2 colors.
JULEP ANNE (Purple) and MARIA. (Copper-ish Pink)

 Couldn't wait to paint my nails, so after shower, I applied MARIA on my nails. And right then and there? Maria had me at "hello" LOL


It was bloody awesome. I love the brush. I love the texture/quality of the product. It wasn't runny at all. And not too thick that sometimes makes it so hard to apply.
I used O.P.I's Base Coat.
Applied 1 coat of MARIA (that didn't sound right, LOL!)
The color payoff was insanely great! 1 coat was all I needed.
Applied O.P.I's Top Coat to finish! And right then and there, I became a fan! 
No Strong Yucky Scent, it dried off quick.
What more can I ask for?
Another BOX please???

Inside my box was the two nail polish I mentioned and a full-sized Age Defying Hand Brightener.
And A Sample Packet of a SPF 30 Hand Cream.

I might buy a full size of their cream. It felt and looked really good on my hands. My hands looked so radiant after applying the cream. So nice. And it's also odor free which I like by the way.

So I guess you know now that I'm staying with JULEP and cannot wait for my next box, next month. 
I'm SOLD. $19.99 will be worth every penny.
Great products deserves to be in my Vanity.

It's a donut thing


I've also been awarded as versatile blogger by BEAUTY MAKEUP ADDICT Please check out her blog. I just recently stumbled upon her blog, and I am so glad I did! Thank you for the shout out girl!

7 Random Facts About Me that you might not know yet:

  1. I don't workout.
  2. I was a big tomboy when I was young.
  3. I'm scared of heights.
  4. I love anything with Minty/Eucalyptus scent.
  5. I drink coffee all day long.
  6. I struggle with not picking my face when I have a pimple.
  7. I daydream all the time.

I know, I'm supposed to pick 15 other bloggers. But lemme just please ask you to check MY BLOG LOVE under my tab page and check out other bloggers that I love.

It's almost the weekend. Any big plans?
Stay happy!

Yada-Yada Tuesday

To Clean. Cleaning. Cleaned. And more Cleaning.
Ha ha... Story of my life.
Jason & I clean at least 2 times a day. And i'm only talking about our living room and floors.
We have so much windows, It gets so dusty so easily. Ugh!!!
 Either that, or too much windows that we can see every dust and speck.
Sheeshz, Tinkerbell!!! Stop playing with your fairy dusts Already!!! LOL!

So anyways, today I decided to rearrange Zy & Raines bedroom.
It was absolutely crazy. Toys were all over the place...

So these are the "after" pictures...

Baby Raine's going crazy over Zy Man's Hat! She wants both!

Moved their toy boxes in that one corner and also moved their beds.

Posing with DJ Lance, LOL!

Brobee reading Super Martian Robot Girl, Hehe :)
I am still working on picking out pictures to put on their walls. 
Too many great shots, I don't know which one to choose.

Oh and by the way, I got some goodies today. I am thinking of hosting a mini-giveaway here on my blog.
Let me gather all the stuff first and when all's ready, you'll be the first one to know.
I'm so excited! :))

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