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Victoria Secret's Sleepwear


Here are the jammies I bought.


I got THESE 2 for 39.50 with free slippers.

These sleepshirts 2/$35

Order this from HERE

Order this from HERE

I got Medium and at first glance they looked big, but after trying them on they are just perfect.
They feel so comfortable and they are very cute.

I also received the VS's SECRET REWARDS CARD.

I'm quite excited about that one... LOL.

So here are some snapshots of I wearing some of my new jammies, please excuse my daughter's dirty dirty mirror. Truly they are screaming for justice.. "WINDEX PLEASE?!"

Pretty cute slippers, and comfortable too!

On the slippers, I ordered (size) MEDIUM and I'm a size 7

"My Favorite"

2nd Favorite

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Got all I want for Christmas.
Thanks Santa. Say what? Oh yeah you're welcome, that's right, I'm pretty easy this year :)

6 comments on "Victoria Secret's Sleepwear"
  1. Can I just that you are a truly beautiful woman inside and out - I love the way you carry yourself from what I see via blogspot and twitter. You are an inspiration. I love the way you dress, make-up, the whole nine.

  2. @Porsche: Thank you so much girlfriend. You are too kind! :))

  3. Yaaay sis!!! You got the Secret Rewards card!!! Let's go shopping again!

  4. VS pajamas and sleep shirts are the best! Great buys and Great blog!


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