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Looking back 2011.

Material things are just things. Should never have a room in your dreams. In a superficial world it would probably be on top of your list, but in REAL world, LOVE and FAMILY; they're all that matters!

Today, I did a lot of thinking. A lot of reminiscing. Wondering and also day dreaming. Year 2011 is about to end. It made me look back... All the mistakes i've done; things accomplished; new hopes for the new year, plans, and expectations.

In every twists and turns I did in my head, above it all are my FAMILY. behind every dream and hope attached are my family. They are the reason and my inspiration.

Well I also probably had some few selfish thoughts earlier today. But before I even started digging deep, I masterfully knocked some senses into my head. This world is not about me anymore. I made that choice 11 years ago when I had my first born child. I made some sacrifices through the years and the rewards I got in return doubled the expectations I had in mind. Now I have 3 beautiful kids. And an amazing husband. I know you read a lot of other blogs or just heard that line before, where the wife would start talking unbelievably great things about her husband; although in REALITY, they are living in HELL.

But hear me out, and trust me when I say, I married the best person I know.
If he was part of any mistake I might have done in the past, lemme tell you now, I might just never want to be right ever again. He is the best part of my journey aside from my children. He gave MARRIAGE a whole different meaning. I love him with all my heart, and he loves me with all of him.

I try my hardest to be always nice to him; but GOD invented hormones. So that's what's to blame. I swear it wasn't me that's doing all those wrong things, it's THE hormones. I'm sorry. But in all seriousness, I try really hard to control the wickedness of chemical imbalance, and the downfall of being a woman. But given all that, HE LOVES ALL OF ME, HORMONES AND ALL.


It's my year. To be better. To do more. To love more. To sing more.

I have plans. To live life well. To start believing that I deserve to. And To make things happen, for me and my family. It's gonna be an AWESOME year. More blessings great health and prosperity.

I wish you the same. Let us forget all the negativity and bad things. Let's start living... Live everyday like it's our last. Make every breath we take worth it. Let's make more memories. Things that will take every of our special breath away... Let us all be kind to one another. Start making this world a better place. And let's all start in our very own home.

Happy new year, and wishing you nothing but the best!!!

Mommy Lhey :)

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