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Late Thanksgiving post

I know this is a late post, but I would like to share some snapshots of my beautiful family and the kids. Didn't get a lot of pictures of my eldest. she's growing up and is having a world of her own. She is going through stages. Oh well that topic should go on another post.

So okay, without further ado, My Beautiful family. Blessed and grateful.

My mini-me

My little Mama's boy

The most spoiled-rotten :)

Jazzle's outfit are purchased from JUSTICE
Both their outfits are purchased from GAP KIDS

Isn't this outfit just adorable?  

Taken inside the van

And here more photos of baby Raine taken yesterday.
Such a cutie pie.

Ready for this cute smile?

My kids fill my heart with joy. There are crazy moments, but it's all worth it! ALL WORTH IT!

Belated Happy Thanksgiving :)

Christmas is tree is up

Yep that's baby Raine, and Yea her diaper is hanging down because she was trying to take it off. Haha.

Our christmas tree is so plain and so "Jason & I" like, so we're planning to add more fun ornaments. Off to Pottery Barn we will go later.

I ordered a lot of stuff online last night. It was cyber monday. I am not sure if I really got good deals but oh well, I had to do some christmas shopping one way or another anyways.

How was your thanksgiving? I still got lots of pictures that I have to edit, so i am sure I will be posting those soon.

Do you go crazy over Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals also? I usually don't because I want instant gratification. So after ordering stuff online last night, I am regretting it now because I know I will be counting minutes and days before I see my purchase, agh!!!!

So have you done any Christmas Shopping lately? Don't you just love the holidays? Aaaaah...

Love it to bits,

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China Glaze For Audrey Nail Polish

It is soooooooo pretty!!! I love it!!! :)

Asian Chicken Recipe

I made a few tweaks on my own recipe. "Chicken for the Gods"
As much as I want to share the exact measurement like what you would usually find in any NORMAL food blogs out there, I can't.
I don't do any measuring while i'm cooking.
Cooking is like singing for me.
I sing from the heart, therefore I also cook by the heart.

Without further ado...
Here's my very own "CHICKEN FOR THE GOD'S"
Minced Ginger
Minced Garlic
Chicken Breast cut into small bites

Oyster Sauce
Sour Cream
Dash of Basil and Parsley
Thai (spicy) Sauce
Sesame Seeds

Yes, that Mayo is really upside down, LOL!



Minced Ginger & Garlic




Thai Chili Garlic Sauce

Minced Ginger, Cook it until it's really brown...
Add Garlic
Then Onions

Pan Fry your Chicken
Add your Spices
Add your Oyster Sauce
Add your Mayo
Then Sour Cream
Hmmmmm... Yummy...
Now time to add  a little bit of sweetness
and add your honey.

This dish is a perfect balance of sweetness and a bit of spice.

Time to add your celery.
And 1 egg.

The key is to overcook it a little.
To have that perfect brown or burnt taste.
Sprinkle your Sesame seeds...
It's so good, aaahhh...

So this is your "Chicken for the God's"

Best Served with Rice

Please, try it. And let me know how you like it.

Conversation with a 4 year old

Here is Zyon chatting away...

Isn't he such a cutie?


Cracked LCD MacBook Air

Remember my coffee incident on my MacBookPro? And the broken LCD on my White MacBook? Well... My kids did it again. This time on my beautiful MacBook Air...

Aaaaaah, please don't lecture me coz I know it's our fault. We are the parents and we should be more careful and responsible. But hey? Accident happens.

And the unfortunate part is, we didn't purchase an apple care again. The worst case scenario is that apple won't cover the replacement of the LCD. Sigh... And the closest apple store from us is 2hrs away. It's in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

We were supposed to go the other day, but we just decides to turn around and go back home because the kids were going crazy. So, oh well...

Apple might have a Authorized Apple Repair store somewhere closer, will check on it tom. So what have you been up to lately?

China Glaze Haul


 She is feeling a whole lot better...

Thank God!

Yep, she is this C R A Z Y.

My Zy Man feels a whole lot better also...
But NO, he is not THAT crazy, like baby Raine is.

She is the biggest daddy's girl...
 One cry,

And dad's there to the rescue...

She has dad wrapped around her tiny fingers.
I made AFRITADA last night.
Thanks sis J for the recipe.

CHINA GLAZE: (From left to right)
Blue Iguana
Urban Nights
For Audrey
Westside Warrior

I picked up the BLUE IGUANA for my daughter.
I am not a big fan of bright, glittery colors.
But I appreciate them...


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