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Little Red Riding Hood

Happy Halloween!!! More pictures coming up tonight or tomorrow!!!

Kitchen Remodeling

Have I told you that we are remodeling our kitchen?

Well, we ordered our kitchen cabinets with frosted glass.
And we are adding this glass tile for backsplash

And unfortunately our house looks like this lately.

Happy Halloween! Can't wait to see your halloween pictures!!!


China Glaze Mani

Soooo cute. China Glaze's Secret Peri Wink-le with Wet N Wild's Kaleidoscope on the tip only.

Red. Test.



Sally's Mini Haul

Every weekend. I try to get one or two nail polish as a treat for myself. So today I picked up some china glaze from Sally's.

Ruthie Davis Shoes

Dear Santa, 
I've been a really really good girl this year. 
May I please have a pair or two?


I got a boo boo!

Do you still have an old pants, shirt, or shoes when you were a baby? I'm not sure if I do or don't. But remember Jason's jacket that Zyon Once used as well? It is now baby Raine's turn.

She is so darn cute!
But she also got a boo boo today. Huhuhu :(
My poor Chipmunk!

Oh and hey, i'm so happy i've been doing my eyebrows so well lately. Loving the benefit eyebrow pencil.

Stick Bug Mating


Photos are owned by myself, Info got here


Arkansas Fall

Fall here is absolutely spectacular.
After 2 days of Rain...

(I guess that's what all the trees needed to transform their leaves into magnificent array of colors.)
The leaves of the trees just changed dramatically. And I swear after that 1st night of rain everything changed overnight. Is that even remotely possible? Well I guess huh? WOW...

And you know what else?

I wake up every morning, so happy and so amaze because this is what I see from my house...
This is my view from my living room, my kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom, and basement.

Isn't that just absolutely beautiful? And Picture doesn't even give justice.
It's more magnificent in real life.
And  Every single time that I look at it, you will hear me oohh and ahhh-ing...
Hee hee...


I wore boots last week, but these past few days the weather wasn't bad at all.
Not too cold and Not hot.
So today I wore my favorire pair of pumps...

I don't know about you, but I sure am not ready for winter.
I get cold so quick!!!

Have a wonderful Friday Tomorrow!

Under the covers,

iPhone Photos using Magic Hour Photo App

I love Fall!!!! So pretty!

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