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Officially Official.

More pictures soon...


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Big day coming up soon...

With the big Day coming up soon, more and more things are popping up that needs to get done.

The other day we applied for a passport for baby raine... She was so good when the lady took her picture.

The one on the left is her passport photo. She is so beautiful. Gosh i can't help not to verbalize it very single time i look at her and all of my kids.

I cannot decide what "look" to wear on my big day.

I do my make up every day, so I don't understand why i'm stressing over what "look" to create, well I guess the thought of the 'wedding' just makes me nervous.

Losing weight chaos:

I don't think i am losing more weight. I think I just hit that spot where if I don't go to the gym and start building up muscles, I will stay and weigh the same.

I'll just worry about that after the wedding because I want to look good before we go back home to the Philippines.

So anyways, wedding preparations are doing great. More to do once we get to Vegas. I need to do more make up shopping though. I need Ultra Water Proof everything, lol!!!

Update you guys again soon!


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To make you feel my love cover



Stinker is her middle name.


She is our little stinker. And she is soooooooo funny!!!
May I say it again? She is soooooooo Crazy. She is our wild child. So active, So strong, Never wants to stay Still And Oh-so-stubborn.
My Match. My Little Princess. My Precious. My last one.

She smiles first thing in the morning as soon as she opens her eyes.
The house is never quiet until she goes to bed.
She eats almost everything.
She loves to cuddle at night when sleeping.
She just learned how to say Ba-Baa (Bye-Bye)


Busy Bee

I've been soooooooo busy this last few days. Busy planning a wedding, taking care of a sick hubby, school started and all my never ending house chores. Lol.

I am very pleased with all our decisions regarding our wedding. Doing it verey simple, very intimate, and only very few of my special friends will be there.

We got a large suite at Mandalay Bay and will invite a pastor to unite our union, we will exchange vows, and have an awesome time in Vegas. I cannot wait for my first chicken joy bite after a very long time, hehe!!!

As y'all know I have a new toy... My New 13" MacBook Air.

And I looooove it, it is blazing fast... And so light. So classy...

I am just sad that the camera has such a pooooooor quality. It's an expensive machine to have such a bad camera; but nevertheless, I am in love with it.

And speaking of in love, I am going nuts over nail polish. And Here are some of my favorite pastel/light colors frpm Essie.

Here's my favorite baby blue color... So pretty.

Oh and btw, I cannot wait to get married. I am uber excited. Talk to y'all soon!!!! ♥♥♥

This is not my chosen gown!!!


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My time of silence.

Been so busy this week. A lot has happened. And So much to celebrate about. And Yes, I am blessed.

I enjoy my "ME" time during this time of the day when everyone is asleep. It's a complete silence. I could only hear my family breathing, and it's like I could almost hear their hearts beating. It's beautiful.

Also moments like this makes me think and reminisce. Accept, Learn, Evaluate, Be Grateful, and think about the people that I miss.

I miss my family. I miss my NANAY.

I cannot wait to go back home (PHILIPPINES) to be with them again

My Father. My Tatay. 

I miss my Brothers and Sisters. Aunts and Uncles. And My Nieces and Nephews.

I don't think they realize how much I love them, and how much they mean a lot to me.

Life is a journey.
 We must enjoy it, but we must never forget
 how much value and joy the ride would be if it's spent with the people we care the most.

Surely that the great things in life are free. 
We have all the opportunity in our hands to make our life so beautiful.
We all have to make choices.
Mistakes should make us smarter.
And one failure will lead to a greater success...

Appreciate. Always.

Think of all the people that will bring your heart lots of love, beauty and inspiration.
Remember the marks they will leave and the ones they left behind.
Life is too short.
Trust me, I've learned that in a hard way...

I miss you Tita Jo. I love you.


And I said "YES"


My 3.07ct Engagement Ring. It is so beautiful. 


Veda Day 5: All About Technology



Tagged: Random Questions

TAG: Random Questions...

Have you been drunk in the past week?
I don't really drink a lot.

Quick! Make up an alcoholic shot?

I have no idea!!!

Look behind you, what's there?
@ Kids Fighting #10 & #4 And Baby Raine Climbing up to the Glass Table

What's a sexual word starting with 'g'?

I want:
To Be Sexy Again!!!

I wish:
I bought my MacBook Air Earlier

What are you doing this weekend?
Hmmmm Probably like Usual. Mommy Stuff, Veda, Blog, Make Up, Shop, Cook, Swim, Eat (Less)

I am currently wearing:
A Black Tank Top Under My Black and Purple Tube Dress.

What does your last text message say?
I'm Hot & Ready For You! (Love, Dinner)

What are 3 things you'd like to eat right now?
-Peanut Butter Ice Cream
-Langhap Sarap Jollibee Chicken Joy
-Isaw (Pork's Intestines,LOL)

What was the last movie you rented?
No Strings Attatched

What would you rather be doing right now?
Getting A Whole Body Massage on the beach and Drinking A Filipino Mango Smoothie

What are you currently obsessed with?
Apple Products, Make Up, YouTube Videos, Wedding Planning, Photography, Veda,

Who are you tagging?
Can I Pass on This One? LOL! (I just did!)


Veday Day 4: Insecurities (Late Post)



VEDA Day 4?


I PROMISE, I'll Do it tomorrow! I. Tired.


Animal Print

Hey you!!! I am in a middle of frustration right now and am still trying to upload my Veda Day 3 Video, but for some crazy reasons that I do not understand, YouTube is not working right for me at all!!!! Aaaaaaagh!!!!

I saw my ring today for the first time after it was set on the band and after the jeweler mounted it on the right size of prong.

It is absolutely Gorgeous.
I almost cried when Jason kissed my hand when I put the ring on my finger (to try it on and to look at it before they ship it to our home)
He said he also wanted to cry but was strong enough to control it.

I love him so much it's crazy... And I believe in my heart that He loves me just the same....

We should have my ring here on Friday... I am drooling with excitement (Eeeeew, what. Yucky visual, Lol) I really don't want to just post pictures just to post it; i wanna do a pre-nup photo session... Maybe, or maybe i'll just post some because of too much excitement, hehe!!!

So I hope you guys a re having an awesome time, and I just wanna share what I wore and looked like today!!!! Till next time!!!


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Veda Day 2: What's your B-Hag? (Big Hairy Audacious Goal?)

This Post is meant to be published yesterday... But I didn't had enough super powers to stay up late. LOL.

A Short Update:
I was a little bit disappointed yesterday because my ring wasn't ready. The prong that they ordered is too small for the diamond, so hopefully today it will be ready so that they can ship it to us. If you are wondering why don't we just pick it up from the store while we're there is because we chose the option to not pay the sales tax that will cost us thousands more of $$$. So yes, we are cheap Smart.

Frozen Strawberry Margarita from 'On the Border' is the Bomb!

Yes, I ordered 2. Jealous? LOL.

And yes, I walk around in the mall wearing a 5inch heels.

We are still here in Kansas City, Staying in Hotel Rooms and Eating Out for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, is getting ridiculously expensive... But on the other hand, it's still fun...
We love swimming!
 And yesterday was the hottest day after 27 years, Dang! I think it was 107〫

Running after her is a workout!!! LOL!!!

Dad & His Little Princess Again...

My Super Model, She is also a great swimmer! :)

Here's my Vlog Post for Veda!


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