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How do I control my negative thoughts?

Negative energy sucks...

It makes every moment so heavy, so gray...
So how do I control it?
Well I am no expert here but I just wanna share my simple techniques...

It's all in the mind. And like in singing, I have breathing techniques when i'm controlling my thoughts and temper.

First, you have to completely accept YOU. Yourself, your flaws and all your shortcomings. I have. I have a crazy temper, I have my weird moments. I shut-off; I explode; but a silent explosion, because I always keep it in. I am stubborn and very bull headed. But I am also phenomenal. I am a great mother (at least I try to be!) and a loving partner.

So, when i'm not in the best mood when negative thoughts are corrupting my mind, I dwell with the emotions as quickly as I can. I let myself feel, let my heart hurt... Then I start taking deep breaths. I remind myself that the other half of me is much, much, smarter than my dumb side...

Some people need a doctor, a shrink to listen to them talk, whine, complain, cry, and laugh. But I don't. I work through it within me. I battle with it inside my head. And you can do the same... Thoughts are thoughts. It's all in your head. You create them, so it is only YOU who will be able to stop it.

It's not easy; but like everything else, all it takes is great amount of patience. And practice.
Also Acceptance. Accept that you are sometimes naturally insane. Haha, bipolar, and just human. But we are the boss of ourselves, if you want a change in your life, your ways... It starts within you. Look around you, open your heart and your'll start finding more than enough reason to smile... Pick a focal point; a higher inspiration... Something, Someone that gives you light. Be inspired, and be healed with greater love. Negative thoughts are just thoughts; think of it as a bubble. Pop it. Poof!!! Gone!!!! You can do it, exercise your mind... Have fun!!!

Peace, love, & light,

Diamond lasts forever


Why do men give the woman they love a diamond ring? Is it Because it'was said that the diamond symbolizes forever? Therefore a Diamond would symbolize their forever Devotion to the woman they adore?

Based in the recent statistics, the number of divorce around the world is signigicantly higher. What happened to forever huh? I'm not sure I am the best person to talk about this, I got divorced also.

I guess what i'm trying to say is that "how much value does an engagement ring have?" would the size of the rock be the measurement of how much your fiance love you? Or is it the price of the ring?

I love my Jason sooooo much, i know he wants to give me the best he could possibly give. But I am feeling guilty for the amount of money we would spend... Is it worth it? Of course I love the thought of having a beautiful ring on my finger... And that's my DIVA side probably... But the other side of me thinks that Jason is more than enough for me, He is such a precious gem, that no diamond doesn't matter how big or small can ever come close to him. He makes me so happy every single day, and I pray to God that may He bless us with a love like His, never selfish and always Unconditional.

Haaaaay...I am just so happy... Completely happy. I just can't believe that this is actually happening. I feel like i'm floating up in the clouds. I have a wonderful life; it's so full of love and lots of My blibber-blubbers!!!!

And I am gonna get married soooooooooooon!!!! ♥ Yay!


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Look of the day yesterday & today!

Orange lips yesterday

Look at my little precious...

And today I am sporting a Barbie Look

Hot Pink Lips (MAC)

Hubby said I look Pretty,


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Ring hunting

Today we went to look for more rings, I already found the best design for me, but not the diamond/rock. The last time we were there they only had small sizes of rock that's why we had to come back today because they ordered two bigger sizes of diamond for us to look at.

Unfortunately I didn't like any of the two. I didn't necessarily liked the milky white color of the other one, and then the other diamond had a slight conclusion in the middle. So we have to come back again on Thursday to look at other stones.

I am very happy. And sooooooo excited...
Jason and I we've been together for 4 years now, and we are blessed to stay so in love this way.

This is how I looked like today.

And my 3 precious kittens... Lol!

And the two goofballs!

Talk to you later,

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Wedding Dress

Well, i know this will be a surprise to most of you, but since we are working on our paperworks to go back to the Philippines, Jason and I will get married coz we need it for some paperworks. Anyhow, I am still uncertain if I want to get married in Las Vegas, here in Arkansas or just walk in the courthouse. Because nevertheless we are going to get married again in the Philippines next year or the next.

So anyways, I saw this gown and I think it's my favorite from all all the gowns i looked at online

I love the simplicity and elegance

It's very divine looking, i love it!

Simple and Lovely

So what you think?


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Losing my baby weight

If you're following me on twitter you probably know that these last few days i've been whining about me being such a fat cow, and I apologize for all my ramblings.

So, instead of continually whining, I decided to make an action.

Yep, I did! Been swimming every single day for the last 4 days now.
Having 3 kids doesn't give me a lot of time... But i realize that I do have enough. Not a lot, but enough for me take care of my self. (well being)

I need to get back in shape and keep a healthy lifestyle more than anything. I am not getting any younger and prevention is always better than cure. I know I should have done this a long time, but it's better late than never.

I don't own a scale here at home, but like what my friend said, old clothes can be used as a reference to find out if i'm actually losing weight.

So, wish me luck!!! I can do this!!!


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DIY: Short Haircut

I did my own haircut once again, Tada!


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Magic Hour Photo App

Available on the iTunes Store and The Android Market.

It's $1.99 on then iTunes store I am not sure how much it is for all of you Android users.

This is my new favorite photo app on my phone. Among from my favorites are Instagram, Hipstamatic, Cameratan, Labelbox, and a lot more.

I like that I have the option of saving the photo or automatically share it on my social networking circle.

I like this better than instagram because of the wider options of filters.
There's also a Free Filter Market that has tons of choices where you can choose from and download your faves.

If you like taking pictures with your phone, I recommend you getting this app!!! Here are sample pictures that I took and applied filters using Magic hour!!! Have fun taking pictures!

My boy Zyon is the most patient and very accomodating to me when it comes to taking pictures!!! Lol!!! That's why you see him more with me and most of my pictures from my phone!


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Appetizer Revised

This is how I originally made it.

Then we changed it to this. Yum!

We just placed the mozarella rolls on top of a garlic bread loaf and broiled it for 2-3min

It was pleasant, and perfect with a glass of wine.


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Baby playing fetch with daddy.

Remember I told you Raine learned a new trick yesterday? 
Please watch this...

       Raine Playing Fetch With Dad from Lhey Ralston on Vimeo.


Harry Potter: It all ends!

We went to see Harry Potter last night. It's a girls date night. It means it's Jazz, Baby Raine & I who went to see watch the movie.

I must say that baby Raine did awesome...
The last time we went to the movie theater with her is when we went to see CARS 2 last month when we went to Chicago.

She was a crazy wild child then, but last night, boy she was great!!!

Jazzle & I enjoyed the movie. Crazy thing is that we are so much alike.
We get so emotional when there's an all-of-a-sudden sad part in the movie. Expect us to cry, Hahahaha!!!!

I am also glad that I didn't read the book, I was contemplating if I should read first before I go watch the movie, but I am glad that I didn't because, I enjoyed the suspense better.

Gosh, I was really surprised when Harry found out about Prof. Snape. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! *tears tears tears*

All in all, the movie was awesome, and I can't wait to have it on DVD so we could watch it over and over again.

Oh btw, I will make another POST of baby Raine's new milestone today... She is so cute...

We are still here in our cabin, and we don't have a great internet connection, And So when we get home, I will upload her video doing her new "thing"

Till Next Time,

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