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Welcome to my life

Seriously, what are the categories on how to be a great mom?

Is it when you work hard to give your kids the best life possible? Or is that worse because you are not giving your kid enough love and attention?

Or is staying at home enough for you to be called a great mommy?

Hmmm I leave the house looking like this for two hours? Am I the worst mom ever?!

Or if I let my kids enjoy cheese balls? Am I bad?

Or if I eat let her munch on nutella and chocolates every once in a while? Am I the worst?

If I dress up Zyon like a pink princess? Am I bad?

If I let jazz play with lizards is that wrong?

If i let kids explore, climb hills an play in the creek? Am i not being careful? Is that so wrong?

Or when I kiss them a lot? Can I be called a great mom now?

If I cook dinner?


Play hopscotch with them?

I can go on and on forever... But in reality, only you can judge for yourself. If you're a mommy, you know your family. Each kid, their favorite, their moods, their tantrums, their tickle spots. Only you know their hearts.

So if you're reading other blogs of other mom's that feed their kids organic foods only, fresh juice and smoothies. Who only uses Cloth diapers and doesn't believe in the power of cupcakes and brownies. Well guess what? They are great mom's too like ourselves. Those are just their preference. We are all great moms as long as we have unconditional love for our kids. We continue to feed them joy, respect, kindness and more love every day. We try hard and we learn lessons. And don't forget to give yourself a break every once in a while. Remember mom's needs time-out's too!

Belated happy mama's day to you great mom! ♥

My eldest Jazzle made this card for me.
How special isn't it?!


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4 comments on "Welcome to my life"
  1. Lovely. Just lovely. You're a beautiful person and adore you for just being yourself. Godbless you and your family. =)

  2. All moms are created UNequally but there's always the constant of patience, unconditional love and understanding! Thanks for shining light on it! Great post sissy!

  3. Hey I happened to land on your blog and really love it!! I like what you blog about.
    Your kids are sooo adorable :) and you're sooo pretty!!! I can't wait to have some of my own x


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