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My boy

Sad but proud.

My little boy is sleeping in his own bedroom for the first time this evening.


A part of me wants to pick him up and take him to bed with me.

But I know that it's time. He's growing up. And there's no way for me to stop time. I have to accept and abide.

I still have this lil one beside me though...

4 more years with sweet darling Raine. Then she will leave me also.

Life of a mom. Sad and fulfilling. What a roller-coaster ride. Can't stop my tears from falling.

"I'm gonna miss you so much Zy man!"
You're a big boy now. Mommy is proud of you.



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1 comment on "My boy"
  1. our kiddos are growing so fast! great job mom for great and healthy kids! happy Friday sissy!


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