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My Stress-Reliever


We had thunderstorms yesterday. Gave me time to reminisce about my childhood back in the P.I. 
I remember that just a small amount of rain would cause flood in our area. It's  like a big swimming pool, haha.. How fun!
I used to love playing in the rain, playing out in the flood, and to  just completely surrender to my childhood silliness. It was a different sense of freedom. How I miss it!

Here's Zyon trying to be spider man...
Remember the full surrender to childhood silliness?
Here are some great examples...

When I feel tired. I pick up my camera and I start taking pictures of my kids. It's my stress-reliever.
It's my therapy. It's my outlet now that I'm no longer working and singing. 
And it works well for me. 

Now that i'm a mother myself. I appreciate my parents more. 

Especially looking back on how NICE of a child I am. NOT.

And I am hoping that I make them proud now. 
I am trying my hardest to be the best mother to my children.

Everyday, I wake up. I put on my mask and costume.

I transform into a super hero. 

Some days are harder than the others.

But it's all good. 

There's MORE rewards than HARDSHIPS.


So, here's a toast to all of you Mom's out there.
Give yourself a pat in the back.
You're doing so well.
You're a GREAT MOM!


4 comments on "My Stress-Reliever"
  1. Your pics are always so captivating!

  2. Hey J, thanks so much sis. How are you?

  3. I love your photographs! Your children are adorable :D.

    My mom told me the exact same stories about playing in the rain in the PI. She said she used to love making boats out of newspaper. I guess that's one of the things we take for granted here... how simple and fun things can be.

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