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We did it!

Remember my adventure with Zyon when he was sick 2 months ago?
It was a big frustration to me. I felt so bad and not very proud of that night.
But,guess what miracle happened today?

 He's not really sick with fever this time. 
He just have silly allergies and a lil bit of cold. 
So on our way to take Jazzle to school, 
we spoke about how to become strong and how he can get some
super hero powers if he will start drinking vitamins and taking his allergy medicines.

Although I didn't had high hopes
 because I learned the hard way from what had happened that night that he got sick.
So, I just thought i'd try and share stories or you can say that I made up silly stories to him...
and guess what? 
He agreed. 
He said, with a very cute sweet tone 
"Okay mom, i'l take my medicine when we get home..."

And So...

He asked "What does it say here Mom? Read it to me please!"

"Well, it says..."
Here I go again, I'm gonna have to come up with something good...

 "This magical medicine is for young boys and girls that wants to stay strong and healthy, this medicine should keep you away from sickness so that you will be able to play with your friends all the time. Oh and *hint-hint* This might also bring you a certain super hero power!"

I think he believed me.

I heard "oooh's and aaaah's"

And then...

I did it Mom! I will be strong now!

"Ooooh I like it!"

He did it!!!!! Yes!!!!

His price is... He wanted me to tell him stories. Lots and Lots of stories... Hehe... 
It's okay. It's all worth it! I'm so proud of him...

Oh and he wanted me to take pictures of him while brushing his teeth...
So here it is...

He owns my heart. He is the best little boy on earth...

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