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My Mother In Law Made some yummy cute cupcakes today!

     It's so yummy. It's not so sweet. Just perfect. Love it...

And he's been waiting so patiently...

Baxter. He is Mom and Rob's Baby...

What a cutie huh?

How about this other cutie?


Pay-Per-Post Blogger?

Since I am a stay-at-home mom, I would like to try new things. So I stumbled upon this website that I can earn a lil extra just by blogging, and since I like to write a lot, I don't think it's a bad idea!

How can the back crawl?


Typophone 4 Lockscreen

I love this app! Its so sexy... If you have a jailbroken iPhone, then you should download this on Cydia. Just search for typophone 4 and typophone weather too! You need to have winterboard installed on your phone too! Enjoy...

If you need help trying to change your weather, lemme know. Maybe I can make a short tutorial.


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Our new home

I'm so proud to share with you our new home. There are still a lot of work to do. Painting, and stuff. But this is how we bought it as is. A 6 bedroom home with a basement and 2 car garage. Once we get settled and finally done with the remodeling then I shall post more photos.

I am so happy. I am blessed.

Our backyard...

Here's our view...

Beautiful isn't it?

I love it!


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Arrived safely in our destination...

"Thank you Lord for keeping my family safe"

This is where we will be living from now on.
I am hoping to stay in our home for the rest of my life. 
I want to raise my children and children's children here.

Our 3 looong day trip has ended. Minus the fact that our truck broke down 4 times and we had to change vehicles, I can say that the whole trip went perfect. No bruises, No scratches, No one's hurt. It's all PERFECT.

I took a lot of pictures using my iPhone 4 on this trip. I packed my DSLR camera away that's why.
 And may I just say it for the record? I miss it so much... Waaaaaaah :(

I cannot wait to get settled and have my own "Mommy Room" 
We are blessed because our new home will have lot's of room
and daddy said that I will have a room of my own. Yey! :-)
Well, not my bedroom of course, it will just be for my toys, my make up room, my lil studio, 
my crafts room, and it will be my 'time-out' room also...

And I cannot wait to have A BIG BED. Our Bed...
So all of my kids would fit.


Making Memries! (The Repeat)

This is the view from our Hotel Room, eek!!! What a spectacular view huh?not.

Well, remember last night the trailer's tail lights wasn't working? Penske sent someone to get it fixed. It was later than our expected check out time so we had to extend our stay a few hours more. And The manager/owner of this motel we are staying at is so rude that I cannot imagine that people are still staying here. It's so Ridiculous.

But, The kids were great as always...

I took them to the pool after breakfast... Its an indoor pool...

At least we got something out of this unfortunate event.

We. Meaning Jason and I decided that we will wait till 4 before we start getting back on the road. Just so the kids are tired from playing all day, and 4 will be a perfect time for their nap.

The sun was out, and it looked like we'll have a great drive ahead of us.


The truck decided not to start.

What the??? Yep, the truck broke down again. Haha... We could not believe it. Remember our adventure? our drive from Kansas City to Las Vegas?
History is repeating itself all over again.

Gosh, how unlucky can we be?!

Penske sent their guys, tried to fix the truck, and when we thought everything was alright, it was still broken. The mechanic said that this is something serious that he cannot do just a quick fix, they had to tow the truck and send us a new a vehicle. Yah, they're gonna have to unload and reload our stuff into another truck.

But ya know what? We are still blessed. Because we didn't brokedown in a middle of nowhere. We are somewhere safe and warm. In a motel room. Life is still great to us. And also look at this...

Getting stuck ain't so bad after all...

Everyone's safe. But daddy is tired. He had to stay up and stand there in the cold to watch those three men that helped us load our stuff.

Oh and "ate" is not feeling so well too. She has a slight fever. But I packed all kinds of meds. I am ready for situations like this.

Other than that? Looks like were in great shape to get back on the road tomorrow. *cross your fingers*

Good luck to US! *cheers to life!*


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Guardian Angels

My Real Life Guardian Angels...

We are officially on the road now... We left Nevada around 7:30 and now were here in Arizona. 60+ miles away from Flagstaff

We thought of stopping there to spend the rest of the night, but it was so cold... Brrrrrr!!! Ice/Snow all over the place. Yaiks! And we couldn't find any parking for our gigantic truck and trailer. So we decided to just keep on driving And so we ended up here. Where are we anyways? Don't even know what city we are in haha!

So anyways, the tail light of our trailer is not working so we have to call the truck company first thing in the morning tomorrow. I better get some rest. Baby Raine is still awake though, actually all of us are. Eeek!

Guess who's getting up early in the morning when Raine Bella decides that She's ready to play and dance!? ME!!!

Muah. Ako. Your truly, Mommy.

Alright, I'm putting this phone down now, and shall put everybody to sleep. Marshall law. Lol.

Goodnight guys... Say a little prayer for our safe travels... Thank you! ;)


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Location:Frontage Rd,Winslow,United States

Packed and Loaded


Well our truck is loaded. And It's a truck-full! I don't know how Jason did it, but he did it all by himself...

Well me? Of course I helped, I did all the cleaning up, packing, cooking, taking care of the kids, making sure everybody's eating well... Etc etc...

I am so tired. Soooooo tired :(

My back hurts. Getting old sucks. I think I have to start taking 10pills a day. Vitamin "this and that" LOL!

I offered a free massage to my dear Jason, and he refused. He doesn't enjoy it as much as I do. Trust me I would pick a good massage over s*x lol! To him he said it hurts. And he's a big cry baby too. So for a little pain, you could hear "oooh, ouch, aaaah," hehe... I know why he does it, he just wants love and kisses! :)


They were wonderful perfect! Zy was a great helper to dad. And Raine just crawled around all over the place like a crazy woman hehe. Ate Jazz was there to entertain her anyway. She is a big help to mommy (jazz) I'm grateful!

Love my kids. Loving my life, and this back pain too. NOT!!!

How bout ya? Whats new?


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Kid's Mission: Sorting out Toys!

As y'all know we are leaving Vegas on Tuesday... To move to Arkansas!
So today, the kids are busy sorting out their toys that they will all bring with us and the ones that are already trash!
They are Singing "What's gonna work? Teamwork!" (Its from Wonder Pets)

And truly, This is a big change that Jazz and ZY are not acting like cats and dogs. It's such a joy to see. And little Raine was being helpful too... I love my kids!

All photos taken using my iPhone 4, the native camera, and an app called hipstamatic! ;)


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Woman Haircut: Cropped Side

I took the raZor out of the cabinet and started shaving the sides of my head.

It's funny how I always think of growing my hair but never been able to do it again. I only had my hair long once. I decided to grow it when I was pregnant with Zyon. And kept it long for almost 3 years. Then chopped it all off.

Very similar to this haircut that I'm sporting right now! So what do you think of my hair?! Yey or Ney?

I saved $40 by doing my own hair, Weee!

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Happy Valentine's Day to Me and To You!

Happy Valentine! How did you spend your day with your special someone?
Well Me?

I took Jazzle to school and decided that I want a  "ME" time so I went straight to the the mall.
The stores are still closed, so I head over to a coffee shop. 
That was my first having coffee bean's coffee, and to my surprise it was really good.

Read a few pages from my book (eBook-iPal), Ate a chocolate donut, 
and I surely enjoyed the best of my "ME" time...

I bought a few shirts, jacket, and pants for Jason then went home.

We didn't go out on a date, just because I'd rather make some yummy dinner at home than
spend ridiculous amount of money out... My cooking is better anyways! LOL!

Guess what Hubby gave me for Valentine?

Beautiful White Roses...

The new iPhone 4 for Verizon! Yey!!!

I also took the Liberty on choosing a new case... Hehe...

A Juicy Couture Case...

I feel so loved (SPOILED) My Jason loves me so much!

He treats me with so much love, He gives me importance and he shows his appreciation 
every single day, He is the best father... And His love is his best gift he can ever give me.

Of course, The iPhone 4 looks very promising too...

Well, I hope you guys had a wonderful day as well. I would love to hear your stories too...

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