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Yummy Chicken Dinner!

Last Night's dinner was so yummy. It was heavenly. And it was one of those, "Oh okay, what do we have?" I'll just make up my own recipe thingy.

2 whole Chicken Breasts
Soy Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Salt N Pepper, and Sesame Seeds

I am no good in telling you how to cook it in specifics. Just because I don't use any measurements. I put a lil bit of dash here and there.

Minced Garlics, Cut Onions, Celery, and Ginger.
(I cut my gingers in bigger sizes, just because it'll be easier to remove it later.)

Brown your garlic, onions and ginger. Then add your chicken breasts (bite size)

Add Soy Sauce while stir frying it.

Time it, like after 5-7 min. And then add some Mayo. I just squeezed the mayo straight from the container twice, didn't really know how much, just use your chef senses. LOL.

Your chicken should be brown when you add the soy sauce, so wait another 5-7min before you add i'm only guessing here okay, like 3 teaspoon of oyster sauce. 

Put your heat on high. 
This next step will dry up/thicken our sauce. 

Add salt and pepper.

I personally use a lot of black ground pepper. Yummy!

Then lastly, add your celery. I wait 3minutes from the time I added my celery then turned off my stove.
I do that just because I don't want to overcooked the celery.

Jason & I prefer our food a lil bit spicy. So I added, our special THAI spicy sauce.
and I also removed the ginger and added a sprinkle of sesame seeds.

So, that's it!!!! Tell me how you like it.
I also don't know what to call this yummy meal.
Any idea?

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  1. thansk for sharing this recipe and we will going to try it ourselves..and also you've got a great voice!


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