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A Love Story

I met a man and fell in love with him.
I allowed myself to believe in the magic of true love once again.
My heart absorbed all the great feelings that was las lacking in my life at that very moment.
Until I could almost picture my heart literally smiling.

A perfect portrait.
Something worth hanging in the wall of fame.
Happiness. Love. Excitement. Desire.

Yeah... I desired him. I Adored him. 
And Still.
Until this day. Till This very moment.
My whole being is satisfyingly filled with joy.

The solace I get just by looking at him.
No words. No Talk.
I let my eyes stare at him for a while.
I grant my 'yearning self' the pleasure of delight.

He is mine. And I am His.

He might not be physically here beside me tonight.
I miss you...

Your beloved hopes that this love of mine would reach your other side of the world.
May my very own breath keep you warm and safe this evening.
And Wishing that our paths would cross in the magical dream world.

Take me.
Own me.
Keep me.
And Never let me go.
For I vow to be your happiness forever.

Loving you gives meaning to this mortal life.
Your Love keeps my heart beating.
Your touch is my comfort
Your kiss soothes every heart ache.
From yesterday, today
and whatever tomorrow may surprise me with.

OUR LOVE is Absolute.
It's nothing like an unproven theory.
Nothing similar to fantasy.


You and I
We are here because we BELIEVED.

We had a dream.
This was all just once a dream.
Once upon a time....

And now,
We shall live happily ever after my King.

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  1. Its me again. And went over your loveletter for your J -- again. I'm in a daze -- again. Your powerful words have a way of permeating my soul, piercing my heart with a truth which used to be confined deep within for as long as I can remember. We are strangers. But I thank you for putting into words that which is oh so beautiful and so familiar.


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