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Thanks proactive!


I used to can't go out of the house w/o using foundation on my skin... But look at me now? W/o a drop of foundation! No powder or what. Just a liner and a cheek stain. I love love my skin now, thanks to proactive. It worked wonder!

Although I never had a bad case of acne but I would still break out every once in a while, but now? Not a single pimple on my face. Amazing. I love it!!! :)

And also now I never sleep with make-up on. And I used to do that before more often than not. Trust me, its not good. No matter how tired you are... If you want a flawless looking skin, take good care of yourself, it pays off...


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2 comments on "Thanks proactive!"
  1. Hi, I longed to try Pro-active but I've always been resistant to try it. My workmate discouraged me to because according to her, it is not effective. Glad to know that it worked on you. I might try it one of these days.


  2. thats awesome. i used to use proactive in high school and it worked but now I've developed an allergy to it- sad! glad it worked for you!


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