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Tell me to stop

I think I am addicted in changing my blogger templates. Well, I guess its just that I can't find the best one to suite my personal. How I wish I know how to design my own. But I just have to find contentment in pre-made free ones! I wonder how long will this cowgirl template last me?

Till tom probably, haha! Oh well...
I'm having fun doing it anyways.


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5 comments on "Tell me to stop"
  1. Have you seen this website? they may have something more for your personality :)

  2. Heya. :-)

    Thanks for visiting my site. ^_^

  3. ganito rin ako nun pabagu bago hanggang sa tumagal e nahanap ko rin ung babagay sa akin tapos pinanindigan ko na. pero im sure sa future e papalitan ko ulit! :)

  4. good for u, me im scared to lose all my widgets so i dnt dare change it, lol

  5. Thanks Guys, I think i'll stick with this one atleast for the whole month hehehe


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