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Hi there, how's everyone doing so far?
Well, for us, we are adjusting very well with our new angel.
My breast feeding dilemma is much better now,
my boobies have also adjusted well, LOL!

It's been 6 days, and it still feels like it was just yesterday 
that i'm still a cranky pregnant lady complaining about not starting into labor yet, yay!
And now she's here and bringing us significant amount of joy everyday.


Jazz and Zyon are such good big sister and brother to baby Raine.
They are actually fighting over Raine's attention, haha!
Zyon's being a lil bit selfish and not wanting to share Baby Raine to her older sister
He said "Stop Jazz! she's my baby Raine!" soooo cute! 
of course, definitely not cute to Jazz
"That's not fair Mom!

"Sweetheart, she's getting prettier every day!"
That is daddy's favorite phrase.
He is in love with his daughter.
Coming from a man who thinks all new born are just not very cute
that's a big deal. 

He is the perfect partner, he tries to stay awake with me,
Although I always ask him to go back to sleep because mommy's got everything under control.

Life is so easy and could never be any better.
I love mommy duties and I am so blessed to have a perfect family...

Who said having a new born is a pain in the ass?
I can't believe how some mother can't stop complaining about mommy duties and 
not happy with their lives... It's the hormones I guess?

Well, who knows? maybe one day my blogs would be full of whining too...
hope not! *crossing fingers*


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