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2 weeks


Wow, 2 weeks just flew us by. What happened?
Our sweet angel is very healthy and bigger.
2 weeks...
Well, I had nights where I had some difficulty breast feeding,
but now, I say "bye-bye" to those torturing nights.
My boobies are now used to the pain,
it's always the 1st latch is the one that hurts the most,
 but after a while,  Its just getting used to.

I lost like half of the weight I gained,
I didn't gained very much with this pregnancy which i'm very grateful of.
WATER helps a lot...
in losing the weight and just to feel great and refreshed.
I have a flat belly again! Yey!
Now it's all about toning it.
I know my ABS are there somewhere, I just have to find them, LOL!

I can't wait till 6 weeks where I can start going to the gym
and do my home-routine workouts...
I want to go swimming every day and practice my breathing,
I sometimes feel like I don't know how to sing anymore, YAY!
I have to move quick, I know, I forgot most of my singing techniques
but i'm sure i'll figure it out in no time.

So that was my life within the last 2 weeks,
I am Happy! Content! And I Said bye-bye to the Belly already!!! 


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