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Everything's happening so fast

She's 7 months old now... And my she has grown a lot. Makes me realize how time goes by so fast. When you have kids, and you see them changing everyday, makes you just wanna sit down in one corner for a lil bit, and pause everything. Just so you can Observe.... Stare.... Appreciate... and then eventually, go ahead, and cry it all out! Reality bites. Gosh, I am sorry because I know I say the the same lines every time I post pictures of the kids.  But Lord have pity. They are growing like weeds, SO FAST.

SO here's our baby Raine. She turned 7 months old last Dec 26, the day after Christmas. And i'm telling you, this child is very active. She is so strong that it still amazes me every time we see her or every time she discovers something new that she can (now) do.

One day I saw her crawling heading outside to the Patio...

Hahaha... Her facial reaction is like, "Oooops mommy caught me, I'm Busted!"

Look at those bright eyes! She truly is the baby doll in the family.

Happy 7 months Old Birthday My Little Angel...

Merry Christmas Guys!

“This is the best christmas ever!” That’s what Jazzle kept saying all day christmas day…
Santa gave her a new bike this year, and isn’t that awesome? she is so happy…
We got her a new sony digital camera, yup, it’s a pink one! Although her favorite color changes constantly, because I think now her favorite is blue or is it green? LOL… I am not sure anymore but i’m pretty sure that she doesn’t remember it either. :-)
Raine was quite content trying to eat the gift wraps the whole time that both her brother and sister are busy opening up presents. She’s so precious…
Zyon, got a jeep from Santa this year. And He is thrilled to death.

The kids received so many presents… They were so happy… Makes us (Jason & I) happier.
It’s Raine’s first christmas. It’s pretty special… She is everybody’s best present ever. She is very loved.
She is daddy’s best gift ever. Those bright eyes. That sweet smile… Aaaah we love you so much sweet love.
And so guess what I got? Yup, and iPad….
And a new lens. A nikkor 50mm f/1.8 OMG, I love it!!!!! Although I still have to practice focusing using a manual lens, waaaaaah! But the images are so sharp, It’s awesome… Thanks Nanay ko! (Thanks My Mom!)
Dad, got some shirts, a new razor set, a vacuum cleaner, a new journal, a book, etc.
And also, He doesn’t like pictures very much, so his images are very limited on my blogs. LOL He is very camera shy ;-)
SO how was your christmas? I hope each and everyone of you had a blast!!!! I can’t wait for the New Year!!!
Merry Christmas Guys! :-)

Best Christmas Gift!

You will always be the best present i'll ever receive every christmas, and every birthday's...
Thank you for being my best friend, and my confidant. Thank you for being the best "dad" in the whole world... And For giving a whole new meaning to the word "HUSBAND" "BOYFRIEND" "LOVER" and "PARTNER" You are the best!!! I am so in love with you.


Just a sample post!

A Day With Raine...

It’s been raining for the last 2 days… I remember when I was young, back in the Philippines. Me and my friends, we will be outside most of-the-time, and playing in the rain, and if lucky, we are crazy-playing in the flood *wink wink* but it’s totally different now. Philippines or NOT, I have my little Raine inside the house. And even now that i’m older. I still like playing… Might not be outside in the Rain but everywhere WITH RAINE…
“You’ve been warned” ;-)

Those bright eyes that lights up my day. No matter what, it’s come what may.
And When you cry, and curl those lips…Baby girl mommy’s heart can’t help but weep :-(

Some call it “spoiled” but we call it “loved”
Isn’t it supposed to be this way anyway? To hold you as long as we can. And while our arms and body are still able.
We’ll be here our little “raindrop” for AS long as you let us.

Peek-a-Boo, yes darling, we see you…

You stick your tongue out and you look like such a cutie :-)
You talk to us with those bright eyes, like they’re saying “it’s okay, mommy & daddy!”
“I’m growing up, can’t you see?”
We know it’s gonna happen. Someday… Eventually… :-(
We look at  you everyday… And We Thank you for the joy that in our lives you bring.
Even Time won’t slow down for us. It’s okay, We'll  just PAUSE through PHOTOGRAPHS.
With each “click” of the shutter, and every “tick” of our heart.
Know that You, Ate, and Kuya, makes us the proudest and most loved parents around.

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Tough Night...


It was a tough whole day and whole evening last night for me. Around 2 pm I got a call from my mom that an ambulance is taking her to the hospital because her blood pressure went up so high to 241. Everyone in her work panicked and the nurse that works in the same care home where she's working advised that she should be seen by a doctor immediately. So she was admitted in the hospital.

After we picked up our daughter form school, we went straight to the ER to come see her. On the way, Too many things were running in my head ya know? what's wrong with my mom? how is she doing? she doesn't have insurance, I want her to get the greatest care as much as possible and so on and so forth... It's only my mom & I that are here in Las Vegas, My eldest brother is in Seattle and the rest of the family is still in the Philippines. So i'm the only one she's got here, really.

My kids, Jason, and my mother are my only weaknesses in life. Whenever I find myself in a situation like this that one of them is sick. I can literally feel my heart breaking apart. And It hurts physically too.  But I try my best to appear like I am so strong.

So, after so many hours of waiting in the ER, we got all her test results and everything came out good. Oh Lawd, I felt so much relief. Like a big weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I am so happy.

The doctor advised us that she should stay overnight just because her blood pressure is still higher than normal. And the only reason that they can give me why,  is because (maybe) of her meds. I guess medicines should be adjusted after a while or your body will get  so used to it that it wont give you any good effect anymore.

Came home, feeling better. And AS soon as I hit that bed, I was asleep.

And then  I Woke up around past midnight, heard my son sniffling and just restless. I touched his forehead and he was burning up. OH GOD. Fever!!! Argh!!!! I got up immediately and got some wash cloth to bring his temperature down. It was 103. I found myself going crazy looking for some medicine in all the cabinets. And I cannot believe that
we don't have one anywhere! What the Heck is wrong in this house? Oh it's the mother to blame. Im the one that should be responsible with everything. I'm a bad mom.

I hate dislike myself.

So, There's nothing else to do but to wake Jason up so he can go outside and pick up some meds for Zy man. And my dilemma didn't stop there.


ZYON HATES TAKING MEDICINE, I don't know, I guess all kids do. But Zy would not, I repeat, WOULD NOT take it. I tried all the approach possible. I did everything I could. Yell, Got Upset, Sweet Voice, Cried, Pleaded and begged. We even tried forcing him to take it, but he just spit it all out again. Worst, he got sick... He threw up after taking the stupid ADVIL. (Btw, they recalled Kids Tylenol.) Oh God, I didn't know what to do anymore. I felt so bad that I can't make him take the meds. I feel so out of control with everything, I feel like i'm the worst mom in the whole world. I felt so terrible.

Guess who won? Him... He didn't take any meds. None. So I stayed up all night, restless just monitoring his temperature down, round d clock with wiping his body.  Changed his shirt because it was wet from his sweat, and as soon as he started sweating his temperature just kept dropping down.

No good sleep for me. Because Baby Raine woke up early too. But she's just truly the best... she gave mommy a little time to take a nap while she  stayed in her crib, playing and just watching TV.

And MORNING time. Took my daughter to school, and needed to drive early to the hospital to check on my mom and take care of all the hospital issues. She will be discharged today.

I'm typing this inside Starbucks. I thought i'd sit down and relax for at least an hour by myself.
I feel better now. I'm glad my mom and my son is feeling better too. I m not a bad Mommy. I just have this days every once in a while... and I hope that it's just not me.


My Rockstar Zyon


Zyon Reeze B Pangilinan
January 2, 2007
Favorite Shows:
Lightning McQueen, Spongebob, Yo Gabba Gabba, Wonder Pets, Diego, Backyardigans, And A Lot Mooooore
Favorite Phrase at this moment???
“But Dad???”, NO!!!, I don’t want to!, I won’t!

You are the best baby boy in the whole world my son, You are my superstar, I love you! You’re the best!!!

Mom! :-)


I will let my hair grow. NOT.


Yup, I got a new haircut!!! Just got home from the salon! I know I told you guys the other day that I will let my hair grow. But, I lied. Or better yet, I changed my mind. 
I don't know why it's so hard to grow my hair again. I just don't have the patience anymore. And it's also so hard because every time I reach the mid-length, I can't help but to cut it shorter again.
So, what do you think? Hubby likes it very much. He said this is the "me" that he likes. 
It fits better my personality. So... That's it. Oooops, I did it again.


More of her...


Hey guys, thanks for your comments. And thanks for the well wishers, hehe. And Thank God that I don't have a bump on my forehead. LOL. Here are some pictures of Little Raine that I took today. She is such a joy to watch. I enjoy her every second. And My little boy's photos are up next, then my princess Jazzle's. Have a fabulous week everyone! Smile! :)

Here's where I ordered baby Raine's Headband. Just click the photo below...


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