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What does "Happy" look like to you?

Are you happy? If so, What does it mean to you? 
Have you ever asked the question to yourself,
"What is it that I really want?!"

I have. Many times. 
And mostly, I noticed that my answer was always about others.
My Children, My Parents, My Husband, And My Family. 
Please don't get me wrong.
I am not saying that it's wrong to find your happiness through others.

But, what about you? What do you want??? 
My Husband always ask me this:
"If you do not have us? just take us out of the picture. What is it that you want?"

Believe me when I say, it's not an easy question for me to answer. 
I still sit and ponder on this.
Why is that you may ask? I think it's because It's how we were programmed.
The pattern of society. How it was induced on us that if we seek for our personal desires
it's considered being selfish. UGH! That guilt 😢 

But why do we have to feel guilty? We shouldn't. I shouldn't. YOU shouldn't. 
Don't you think that if you are completely, truly happy and fulfilled
that it will cause a domino effect in your family? To the people around you?
And It will. 

You are teaching your kids (if you have any) and others, that happiness starts with you.
And it starts with knowing what it is that you really want
Your passion - your heart's joy. 

I found my passion through music and arts
And I've been so blessed to be able to connect with a lot of people through 
these gifts. My talents. I found my purpose. I found my "HAPPY"

I realized that I am most happy when I am serving my purpose.
And that purpose is to inspire, to create music, and to bring colors to other people's lives.
I am Happy when I am being creative & when I am being real & vulnerable. 

It may sound cheesy. But I am sincerely happy when I am in service to others. 
When I make someone smile, and laugh. 
And my greatest passion is for others to find their own. 
To help them create their own happiness. Wether it's through my music or my art. 

A wise man once said:

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If youhaven't found it yet, keep looking."
-Steve Jobs

Life is too short. And no one is too old to go for their dream.
And live their best life yet. 

I've been singing and making music as long as I can remember.
It has been and always will be the biggest part of me. 
Even when I ventured and became an entrepreneur, I was still singing. 
So what does that tell me? And where will it lead?

I am still taking things One day at a time. 
Every day is a journey. 
But I am happy. Completely.
Because I am living a life filled with purpose. 
And every single day. My hopes are to inspire and to lift others up.
You my friend. 

I hope that you have it already or that you may soon have your "happy" too!
I am cheering on you!

Arteza Real Brush Pens: My first thought & opinions!


I woul like to thank the kind people from Arteza for sending over these markers for me to try. 

I will be honest with you and let you know that I was first hesitant and skeptical 
about this company. I've been seeing their ads all over my social media feed and  didn't know if they were just a scam! Or one of those companies where you will get what you've paid for. 

But when their representative contacted me - I kept an open mind.
So far, i've used their Premium Watercolor Set and these Real Brush Pens. 
And I can totally say that they may NOT be the VERY best in the market,
but the products are actually very comparable and can be a great competition to the leading brands out there. I am also happy to know that there are some companies out there that
are creating great products without breaking the bank. 

You may Find this set on Amazon.
Amazon Affiliate Link:

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Thank you for stopping by!

My Ultimate Favorite Pen Ever!

This pen right here.
This is it. 
This is the beginning of my addiction.
But after hundreds and hundreds of pens.
This still reign the King. 

Even before the brand approached me to be an ambassador for them, 
I was already sharing this with everyone who ask and everyone who wants to know. 

This is the TOMBOW FUDENOSUKE hard tip. 
It is my no. 1.
I am not over exaggerating when I say that 99% of my purses has to have one of
these pens inside. 

I use this with lettering. With doodles.
With simple writing and everything else in between. 
This is the Blue One which is the harder tip. 
I love this than the soft because I feel like I can get better control
with all my thick and most especially think strokes. 
If you ever decide decide to try it, one tip that I can share with you
is that do not be afraid to really press on the pen.
You need to give a good pressure to get your thick lines. 
I also suggest practicing in a smoother copy paper. 
The one I love to use is Hammermill Color Copy Paper
It is 100% Brightness and the paper is just amazingly smooth.
And I do know that it's not hurting the nib of my pen. 

How about you?
Do you have a favorite pen?
I'd love to know which one. 
Please don't hesitate to share the link down in the comment section. 
Thank you for stopping by!
Have a good one!

My 1st graduate

Mixed emotions.
My first princess is now a highschool graduate.
Now officially a young adult.

So proud of her. All her accomplishments.
All her ”trying” and building character. Hehe.
It’s all that teenage life. 

We were so happy to have my aunt come over to celebrate with us. 
Stayed with us for a couple of days - it was short but sweet.

My dearest one,
It’s time to spread your wings, fly and rule the world.
We love you. We wish you many adventures and a fine journey.
Remember that your home is with us.

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